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Mar 14, 2019
A rustic backyard wedding

A rustic backyard wedding

Nicole and I attended the same high school, but didn't really know each other.  A few years later we started working at the same company and became fast friends.  In a super small world fashion we discovered that I would be shooting her best friend's wedding a few months later!

*Super fun fact - her best friend is also named Nicole.. and she married Anthony's brother, Jeff! How cool is that?!*

So, after patiently (or not so patiently - as Nicole would say) waiting.. it was finally their turn to be engaged!!  Nicole tells me the story of their engagement in which she basically said "yes!" and then "We need to hire Shanoah for the wedding!"  HAHA.. wow, what a compliment!! <3 

Anthony and Nicole both worked so hard to put this wedding together.  They took a big open field and transformed it into an amazing wedding venue. The super sunny day turned into a truly magical evening reception with glittering lights inside the tent and twinkling stars out in the field above a massive bon-fire.  Truly a fun and laid back event where you felt like family.  Their friends are so kind and they made it a day about not only them; but all of the special people (& their DOG Coco) in their lives, even those who left us too soon.  

Well it was an honor to be able to capture this day. Let me tell you Nicole was a photographer's dream client from start to finish.  They graciously let me continue to practice my video skills (it's a lot of work to try and do both! props to my videography friends!!)  But I had a lot of fun capturing the day in this way, and I'm so happy to share their video below along with some of my favorite images from the day.